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Writer's Nightmare



Audio Poem Report

Audio Poem Report

  •  conflict, character growth and spirit
  •  expressive and visual aids
  • music adds another layer  
  • characters, dialogue and emotions were used to potential 
  • poems feel like real, down-to-earth, people


Create and Promote Essay

Feature Kooky Stories Project

  • Kooky-Stories – a collection of short stories turned into Pastiche style formatted poems
  • imitating a style and word count to honor another poet
  • meet and engage a set of
  • rowdy robbers
  • a courageous cat
  • a frantic frog
  • through prose and poem
  • unique view through prose or poem

Publish Proposal for Kooky Stories

Publish Proposal for Kooky Stories

  • Kooky-Stories – an adventure blog that offers kids 12 to 18 fun
  • kooky stories to read
  • Each …
  • uses both the short story format
  • Pastiche Poem style for a unique




Professional Action Plan-KS

  • major points
  • career where it is going
  • professionally




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